Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sunny Reflection

The sun cast patterns of desire,
As I sat writing in the garden.
An inner calm spread through me,
Inching its way through every cell.
My thoughts distinct.
My writing firm.

It’s a November morning,
A chill is in the air;
But the sun is out,
Nice and bright.
I warm my feet,
And freeze my hands.

As I write these words,
The sun casts a pattern of desire,
On this hand that writes.

What’s on your mind?

Ramblings, lust, burning happiness.
Disparate, conjoined, chilling minds;
Distant, intimate, lonely sorrow;
Black holes, sand grains, testing waters.
Waves, roads, meandering thoughts;
Logic, nonsense, without a word…
Without a word!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


These calm waters,
As I stay afloat,
Gives me a sense of peace.
It’s not the calm before the storm,
It’s a calm that will stay for long.

The laughter, the joy,
The sorrows in your eyes,
They beckon me to let go.
The sparkle in my life,
Is you and you alone.

My roots are strong,
My beliefs unshakeable.
This, my dear, is a treasure,
An heirloom, I’ll gladly
Give to you.

The strength I feel,
This energy within,
It’s all, a part
Of my past and my future.
This future I give to you.
This future I give to you.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Re-living a Moment

Surrounded by distractions,
Awaiting a sign,
I stand alone in the crowd,
To catch your eyes.

The sign evades,
Distractions keep me at bay.
How will I know?
Oh, how will I know?
When you’ll start looking,
For me, once again…

Everytime I gave away,
Little pieces of my heart,
In exchange for a glance,
A glance into a soul;
I missed an opportunity,
Once again, to meet your eyes.

When you look for me again,
Will you know it’s me?
Will you recognize my soul?
Will you feel my heart’s call?
How can I keep these,
Remaining pieces of my heart;
Nurture it back again,
For you and you alone?

Fight Them

When dragons dare
To breathe in your face,
Don’t just look away.
Stare them back in the eyes,
Give them a cold, hard stare!

Freeze their hearts,
Numb their senses;
And only then, talk to them;
To their face, don’t look away.

Fight your dragons girl.
No, not with swords,
Nor with guns.
Fight them once with
Your simple, honest words.
No games, no games…

A step toward calmer waters

The same old story;
A little spice maybe,
Every now and then.
Don’t settle for those sprinklings,
They aren’t here to stay.
Your intensity will melt them anyway.

Go find your steed,
Go on a journey.
None dare question you,
Lest you burn them down,
Like good weed.

Take me baby,
Hold my hand, and
Pull me up onto the stallion,
Riding ne’er scared me;
The unknown and the hazy,
Tempt me so today.

The longing, the melancholy,
Makes my head unsteady.
Your embrace, I know,
Will renew my beliefs once more.

Until then darling,
I’ll just sit here;
Reading my book,
Drinking my beer.
I won’t sleep tonite,
Lest I dream of you…


Beneath the calm,
Behind the smile,
Burns desire,
So intense;
Fuelling rage within.

Keep me away,
Away from you.
I might just hurt,
Yeah… this time I might be the one.
Return every lie,
With a truth so bitter,
Till you break down.

I know you are just weak,
Using another’s pain,
To hide behind.

Go away; So far away,
That my thoughts can’t
Touch you either.
Coz baby,
I ain’t going nowhere.

Run, like you’ve never
Run before.
You’re so good
At running anyway!


The wind was strong;
Looked up into the dark sky,
The North Star, shining so bright,
Leaves swayed,
Covering her a moment.
At that moment,
I know you looked at her too.
I sensed your eyes in the sky.
When the leaves uncovered
her once more,
she shone brighter,
with the brightness
of your eyes and mine.
One day, we’ll see the brightness
In each others’ eyes,
Without the messenger.
I wait for that day,
I wait for that night.

Monday, June 18, 2007

She Is The Wind

Gentle winds,
Rustling the leaves;
A message in her being,
Perfume on her lips;
Someone’s tears,
Chuckles of a baby;
Laden with these,
And much more,
She travels the world.
Free, yet restrained;
Calm, yet anxious;
Fast, yet gentle;
She passes you,
She passes me.
Caressing my cheeks,
As she carries my words,
Hidden in a silent whisper,
Across the globe, to newer worlds.

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Weather Beckons

Cover those steps,
Bury those thoughts;
Look out the window,
Walk out the door.
Run into the greenery,
Run wild, like
Them plants around.
Shake off those feelings;
Make sure you know,
Your feet are firmly on the ground.

Better Life… Forever?

Mortality scares;
Immortality, even more.
All things temporary,
Here for now,
The magic of the moment.
Not power, nor forever,
It’s the moment that
Makes, life a little better.


Lose your sense of self;
Hold onto it till the last straw.
Let go off everything that’s you;
Don’t change a thing about you.
Go on, fly away;
Ah… stay grounded forever.
Resonate with practicality;
Add more things magical.
Think with pure clarity;
Oh no… thrive on confusion.

Do things fast;
Take life real slow.
Change and stay the same!

In The Shadow

“This, here, today,
Makes no sense at all”
You say.

Look around baby,
The world’s losing,
Its sense of order.
This, here, today,
Makes no sense at all.
Every shadow,
Looks different,
To you, to me.
Don’t go hiding,
Behind your favourite corner.
It still makes no sense at all,
This, here, today.
Surely, you must know,
The shadow is here today,
Gone tomorrow.
How then can you
Base every happiness,
On that one, alone,
Shadow in the dark?

“This, here, today,
Makes no sense at all”
I say.

The Words To This Song Are Already Taken

It’s a Thursday morning,
Music blares on the telly,
As I sit on my bean bag.
It’s Bob Marley once again.
I light up my cigarette;
The words are slow today,
But I don’t care!
The colours I see,
Just don’t go with
The weather of the day.
Maybe, there’s no song.
The phone beeps,
With a message I should see.
It’s about jazz funk.
With music everywhere,
I still sit on my beanbag,
Looking for the music in me.
But the words are real slow,
Don’t match the music within.
I should just go,
With Bob Marley;
Time to get up,
Stand up; Stand up
For my rights…
“Ah yes!” I say to myself,
And the smile’s only natural.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ain’t Just Words

Solace and comfort,
In my arms aplenty.
You, my friend can
Seek them from me.

My spirit, they say,
Is quite infectious.
Won’t blame you,
If you feel it too.

Your blood-stained face,
Makes no difference to me.
You just need this shoulder,
This shoulder to lie on.

All questions can wait,
Oh… the world can wait;
Weep away, sigh away,
Sob and lie awake;
I will weep, sigh, sob
And lie awake with you,
Yes, I will.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Still Generous

Battered, tortured,
Witnessed by many;
Throw away the blanket,
You’ve got nothing to hide.
No, darling, there’s nothing worthwhile.

Nervous laughter,
Fills this room;
C’mon you know it’s not true,
I don’t feel blue.
No, darling, there’s nothing worthwhile.

Feels like growing up,
All over again…
The memory of the cocoon,
Still fresh, fresh.
No, darling, there’s nothing worthwhile.

Take your time,
Really fast.
Don’t make this last,
Coz it ain’t worth it.
No, darling, there’s nothing worthwhile.

This volcano sleeps, rests…
Don’t shake it,
Don’t wake it.


Funny thing, this feeling.
Cold, cold sweat,
Morning, noon and night.
The butterflies are somewhere,
What’s the point?

Wonder why…
Feel so light,
Take me away – oh – take me…
Away tonite.

Shake them up.
Wipe every bit away,
Leave nothing to chance.
Suddenly, something,
Somewhere, don’t know what…

Wonder why…
Feel so light,
Take me away – oh – take me…
Away tonite.

Goodness, greatness – all just you.
Summer’s gone, rain clouds,
Here to stay a while.
Uncertainty, they say it is;
Who knows, who cares?

Wonder why…
Feel so light,
Take me away – oh – take me…
Away tonite.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Back In Place

The answer’s right there…
Oh, why didn’t I see it before?
All’s well and there’s,
Nothing to sulk about…

Hey girl, move over,
The smile’s back in place.

People can go about their lives,
Just the way they choose.
It’s just a big disgrace that,
I wept and wept so long.

Hey girl, move over,
The smile’s back in place!

Ah, these tear-stained cheeks,
They’ve been wiped smooth.
They blush at just the thought,
That they’ve been stained…
By simply being vain.

Hey girl, move over,
The smile’s back in place!

Stop! This has also passed;
Those moments seem,
So long ago when,
Confusion reigned supreme.

Hey girl, move over,
The smile’s back in place!

A Moment Passes By

You bring me solace,
In all this ugliness.
With the mirror in front of me,
I look you straight in the eye.

I see you, look right back at me,
The gaze still holds, the sparkle’s gone.
Tell me truly – what, oh what
Will bring that sparkle back?

The path you’re crossing,
Surely is treacherous;
I know the soles of your feet hurt,
The calves of your legs ache.

I can see the spirit,
Oh, your spirit’s unwavering!
You still look me in the eye;
Right now, I ask for nothing more.

Monday, June 11, 2007

No One To Blame

You are my reason to stray;
My reason for clandestine thoughts
And surreptitious actions.
You know I love you,
For the moment you gave me.

I saved every bit of sadness,
For a long, long time,
Only to burst into you,

Never saw this coming,
You’d leave in me,
A little more sadness

Ah, this void!
This painfully addictive void,
Is filling me again…
While you sail away darling,
Like the moment was never there!
Having me believe,
I’ve been truly promiscuous
In thought and in actions!

Friday, June 08, 2007


Theatricals, hypocrisy,
Mundane conversations;
Yet another day,
Yet another evening.
He knows what they’ll say;
They know what he’ll say.
Raise your glass,
For another toast…
One more day, staying alive!
Let’s keep living, for another day.


Sparkling in the sand,
He felt grand.
He had captured the entire sun;
He thought he had won.
Until the wave, she rose high,
Washed ashore and swallowed him,
…into the night.

The proud grain of sand,
Was gone forever.
To be found again, never.

Repetitive Stress

Gotta go, gotta go;
I’ve got to go tonite!
My life’s so full,
I’ve got no time for you.
Oh! I’ve gotta go tonite.

The streets are full,
I’m still gonna be
Alone tonite.
My life’s so full,
I’ve got no time for you.
Yeah! I’ve gotta go tonite.

Common roads,
Common goals;
They’re all just,
Words to me.
My life’s so full,
I’ve got no time for you.
Gotta go, gotta go;
I’ve got to go tonite!

Watching You

Stretch a feline stretch,
Soak up the freshness,
Pick your pick;
It’s time, time to change the beat.

The music’s in your head,
Dance baby, dance.
Move like you’ve
Never moved before.

The stage is set,
And the world awaits,
With bated breath.
To regale in your moves.
Everyone envies your shoes.

They’ll be after you,
For a whiff of,
Your heady perfume;
For that smile,
So infectious;
For a spark from,
The fire that’s you,
That’s truly you!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

In A Parallel World

He sat in a parallel world.
Everything seemed alright.
Yet, his heart fluttered,
Missed yet another beat,
The third time today.
The clock struck eleven;
The monotony continued.
Something was amiss,
He just wouldn’t recall what.

Life’s little surprises

The push from the stormy winds,
The lashing of the rains,
The dazzle of lightning…
In the darkness of the night.

Amidst it all,
A sudden calm;
A gentle memory,
A quick reminder,
Of a fire that’s still alive.

The chaos outside,
The ironical silence within;
Soak it all up!
Life’s little balance-scale,
Will surely tilt back,
Soon… very soon.

A Compromise… not!

The grandness of it all,
Struck me most.
The way he spoke,
The way she entered the room,
The way the little girl danced;
Every action, simple, yet grand!

There was something, not quite right.
The sparkle in her eyes was too bright,
The words he chose were just so,
The dance… ah the dance,
That was just right!

What a pretty picture,
They were everyone’s envy.
But I knew, all was not quite right.

Years later, I met him;
His words were different,
His mood, non descript.
But he seemed comfortable,
In his own skin.

Days later, I met her;
She entered the room,
And people noticed;
But the sparkle in her eyes,
They were more real now.
Not too bright,
Never too bright.

The little girl…
Ah! Yes the little girl;
Her dance was more a song;
Melancholic one moment, happy another.
She enjoyed both the beats.

She smiled at me,
A look of recognition;
Lifted her arms and
Hugged me so.
The world was perfect…
Once more!

Friday, June 01, 2007

The Grand Trek

A thousand seas,
A million mountains,
And a great span of land;
All lay ahead of you.
Gather every strength you can find,
Get every hand on board,
Fill your backpacks,
With just the essentials;
Leave all baggage behind,
Continue your trek… refreshed.
Your destiny beckons,
More than ever before.


The lives you’ve touched,
The smiles you’ve shared,
They are etched,
Etched for a lifetime.

Distance makes, every
Bond grow stronger.
Refrain from defining them;
Take them for what they are...

Life’s Rythm

What goes around,
Comes around… manifold.
So live each day,
Like it was your last.
See the change,
In your step, in your rhythm.
Life will take you,
Toward your destiny.
Give the moment,
Your very best.
There will be no more,
‘should haves’ and ‘could haves’.
Live each day,
Like it was your last!

Monday, May 28, 2007

The end... or just a beginning?

That long night,
A night of truth,
A night of promises,
A night of dreaming…

The look in your eyes,
The words on your lips,
The warmth in your hands,
The tenderness in your actions,
A long night to remember.

A night of laughter,
A night of tears,
A night filled with possibilities,
A night I held back.

A night of passion,
A night of sadness,
A night of decision,
A night of abrasion.

A night to treasure,
A night to hate,
A night of a lifetime,
A night that hurt.

A night of our last goodbye,
A night to live our lives by.

Sure, it’s Tough!

Sometimes when you hear people say,
“It’s not your fault, you let him stay.”
You just gotta remind yourself,
It’s not the end of the world now;
It’s not the end of the world now.

Don’t tremble and shake,
Everytime you’re pushed together by chance.
Don’t try to fake it;
If it hurts, let it show.
If you can’t see through him,
Don’t walk out the door.

It’s not the end of the world now;
It’s not the end of the world now.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Bright Future

Your laughter,
So natural,
Brings to mind,
The sparkle in your eyes…

Your peppy voice,
Brings memories of,
Pristine morning sunshine…

Juggling your life,
You bring happiness,
To all, around you.

Your tiny hands,
Touching every heart;
You, my baby, are pure and true.

Having you, seeing you,
Reassures me,
There’s still hope,
For this world too.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Just A Natural Progression

Building lives,
Making things better;
You have it in you,
To dream for others.
Gather your strength,
And use it well.

On the way, surprise yourself!

Keep distractions at bay,
Your destiny beckons.
Enjoy the journey;
Every song, every thorn,
Every storm, every stone;

For these will make your stories,
Memorable forever; for you and all…

Zoned Out

He sat by the shore,
Looking into the expanse,
Of the great, big ocean.
She stood there,
Majestic and tall;
Promising him adventures,
Like he had never known before;
A chance to sail away.

He looked back,
At the land, he
Had just walked on;
A land he knew so well.
She sat there,
Waiting for him;
Promising him a life,
He had already known.

The ocean breeze,
Touched his cheeks.
Momentarily, he looked,
At her again.

He saw the fire in her eyes;
A fire that excited, a fired that scared.
The winds heightened,
His belly churned,
Tempted to take a step,
A step closer to her.
He took that step;
The fear of the unknown,
Gripped him once more.

The fire from her eyes,
Showed in his eyes too…
“There is too much
At stake darling.”
He said, with tears
Shining in eyes,
Just behind the fire.

He blew her a kiss,
Into the wind;
Turned back and
Walked away;
Back to the comfort,
Of a life he recognized so well.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Burst of Life

In a field of marigolds,
She stood alone.
Glorious though she was,
A lifetime of sniggering,
Made her turn down.

Aching to look up,
At the bright shining sun.

They laughed at her,
Every time she tried.
The burden pulling her down.

She burst one day,
First with rage;
Then just refreshed.
Looked up at the sun,
And she bloomed again.

She was once more nurtured,
By the one, especially
Taken in by her inner beauty;
For she was a great,
Beautiful sunflower,
And she brightened his every day.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Letting You Go

The storm just hit me,
And the clouds still lay low,
Bringing me down… down…
Oh yes! I hate to see you go.

Just close my eyes,
Turn to the skies.
The rain lashes out,
Masks my every tear.
Oh yes! It hurts to see you go.

Guess my strength wasn’t enough,
To push these storm clouds away.
I’m scared, I think,
You fill me even today.
Oh yes! I know you had to go.

I understand the reason,
For this sudden change in season.
Thought I’d get that last chance,
To make you see my point.
Oh yes! It aches to let go…
But, I have to… I just did…


I am the sun,
My light attracts;
Pulls you closer,
Places you in orbit.
Don’t get any closer;
I’ll burn, I’ll singe,
And there won’t be you,
No more…

Monday, May 21, 2007

My Muse

Our worlds stretch,
Into two time zones.
I’ve laid the foundation,
For a long, long bridge.
It’s upto you now,
To help me build it,
And see it through.

It’s yours for the taking;
And if you decide not to,
I’ll build a pillar instead,
That will stand tall,
In my world…
I’ll dedicate it,
To the memory of us.

When I’m ever lonely,
I’ll sit leaning on the pillar,
And write some more songs;
‘cause the words seem to flow,
When my mind’s on you.
Oh yes! When my mind’s on you…

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Here I am,
Pining for you;
Your constant chatter,
The pitter patter of your feet;
Your love in the mornings,
Your little snores at night.

I miss the free
Hugs & kisses…
Who will I share,
These new stories with?
Who will I play with,
Every evening?
Who will I do,
A family walk with,
Every night?

My baby…
You are the constant
In my life, I’ll never
Want to change.

Even when you are gone,
I just close my eyes,
And I see your loving,
Big eyes, with that
Glint of mischief. Ah!

I love you baby.
Not because you are,
My little girl, no!
I love you,
Because you are
My companion and friend,
And you let me be,
The same, for you.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Optimism – or Just Escapism?

The sun is bright today,
It’s a totally new day.
I stretch and wake up;
Wake up to music,
Wake up to silence,
Wake up to words.

Excitement and anxiety,
Tug at my heart.
I just know you are out there,
Stretching like me,
Squinting at the sun,
And making a silent wish.

I continue to wait,
For that unseen dream…
To walk into my life,
And break the monotony.
You are today,
My unrealized destiny.

The thought of waking to you,
Keeps me going.
Today, once more,
I am stepping into the world;
My journey, I know,
Leads to you and you alone.

Shake me up,
When you find me…
Maybe you’ll find me
Asleep, dreaming... of you.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Sitting on the forest floor,
The lone seed wondered,
“Am I the one,
Who’ll be the tall tree?
The pride of the forest
Will I be?”
He sat there alone,
Dreaming of things he would see,
Over the clouds and over the hill.
Lost was he, in his reverie…
When a little rodent,
Scurried toward him and,
Ground him with his front teeth!

Self Destruct

The mountain, he stood,
Tall and mighty,
Looking on, at his world,
His people and his rivers.

The rivers, they took
His soil and his rocks.
He had nurtured them long…
Now he patted them with pride,
As they flowed to their destiny.

The people, they foraged
Through his forest and his water.
Now he turned to pat them,
But they stabbed him,
Stabbed him in the back.
Stabbed him hard!
He could no longer bend,
Even to pat them.

He bled a slow death,
Eroding and withering;
Age didn’t make him stronger.
He was losing all his might,
Till one day he was no more.

And the people, they lost
Their road to their destiny.
The road was lost,
It had once passed,
Right over the mountain.
But the mountain was no more,
The mountain was no more.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Little Steps

The little girl,
She spun her dreams.
Waited for none,
Chased them alone.

Her heart knows,
What she needs;
Sure of herself,
She seems.

Her dreams are big;
Not of cars or,
Large mansions as such.
Her dreams have people,
People she can trust;

Her dreams have a world,
A world that’s happy;
A world that's sad.

A smile on her lips,
All the time,
Brought on by her dreams.

The world waits on her,
While she walks on…
Realizing her every dream,
With that smile still there.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

By the Fire

Hush! My heart,
Don’t beat so fast.
The adventure’s just begun.
There’s surely one that’ll last.
One day, one evening,
One night will be glorious.
But, that’s just a beginning.
You have peaks to scale,
Flowers to pick, on the way.
Make your songs,
Gather your stories;
Enough to sit,
Around a fire;
With a smile,
Share it with the one.
Hush! My heart,
Don’t beat so fast.
Not yet… not yet,
I’ll tell you,
When it’s time!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Starlight (3)

The moonbeam is elusive,
Another star nears me.
My hand extends;
A familiar feeling,
Close my eyes…
Once again give in.
He whispers,
Through my hand,
“I’m here to stay,
A little while.”
I smile,
My strength is back,
For another mile.
Ah… for a moonbeam next time!
I start to walk again.

Learning to Dance

Singing silent songs,
Dancing unseen dances.
Miss a beat,
Change the rhythm.

Ears perk up,
Eyes stare;
Hush your songs,
Cover your steps,
...a bit more.


She stood there,
The lone flower;
Her beauty blinding,
Everytime his rays
Touched her.

Sudden darkness,
Engulfed her.
She stretched,
Muscles strained,
Pushed through;
The darkness left behind.

Her sun was there,
Beckoning her.
She stretched some more,
And blushed again.
She looked behind,
At the darkness left.
“I’m still rooted
In you,” She said,
“This I won’t forget!”
But, to him, I’ll stretch…

Starlight (2)

The starlight singes,
Burns through my hand;
A glow, an ember fire,

My hand reaches out,
Touches her face,
Pats her to sleep.

My hand reaches out,
Picks her,
Puts her on my shoulders;
Strong enough,
To carry her,
Another mile, with a smile.

Looking for,
A moonbeam next time…

Almost There

I reach out,
Touch the sky.
The sky moves,
Teases me.
Suddenly, I find
The sky beside me;
Feel the blue,
On my cheek.
My heart flutters,
Starts to sing.
The sky moves,
Just out of reach.
I reach out…
Once again,
This time,
With a song in my heart.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Blissful Sleep

This morning,
I looked at the sky:
My rain was here!
Opened my mouth,
Closed my eyes.
The sweet taste,
From each drop,
Filling me;
I smiled… I slept.


This morning,
I caught a star.
He looked at me,
With big black eyes;
“Put me back,
My rays will burn.”

I looked at her,
Fast asleep;
A dreamy smile,
On her lips.

For you my baby,
I’ll brave,
The icy chills,
Of a moonbeam;
The scalding heat,
Of a starlight.

The star still lies,
In my hand…

Friday, May 04, 2007

The Day I Missed the Rain

So much has happened!
The thunder clouds pass by;
I look up and sigh,
“Oh! Where’s my rain today?”

The memories and a smile

You came into my life,
Years ago;
Took away the loneliness,
Made a big difference;
Shudder to think,
What I would be,
If there was no us then!

Today, as we contemplate,
Deviating our paths,
I promise you this,
Won’t trivialise things that have been,
You and me;
The meaning of the past,
Will never change!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Simple World, A Simple Rule

I live in a world my own,
With these words,
I build them alone.
The sun is bright,
When I want it to be;
It rains, it pours,
When I’m bored
Of this light!

I’ve taken this step,
To share my world;
Opening it to everyone,
Been the hardest to do.
All I can say is…
Don’t break it into two.

I close my eyes,
And read my mind.
I lay the bricks,
And pour the sand.
I wander away;
A smile, a frown…
Shake this feeling,
Don’t feel so down.

You are welcome to stay,
As long as you want;
The rule is simple;
Don’t break anything,
This world is mine.

It might just be,
An illusion to you.
Might even seem,
Very real too.
But remember this,
It’s my world, my words…
To keep as I please!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fly Away

The journey is long,
Done nothing wrong.
Wear your heart on your sleeve,
Like you always have.

Live the moment,
Give it your best!
You will be loved,
Won’t have to worry about the rest!

Stand by your friends,
Both old and new;
Lay expectations to rest,
Just be you;
This is the time, to celebrate you!

All the way

The torture in your eyes,
The last time I saw you.
Has she helped wipe it away?
If you look the same again,
It will tear me apart …

Happy with decisions you’ve made,
A fitful sleep at night if you can take,
That’s all that matters.

(Who said life was easy?)
Torn between choices I’ve made,
And decisions I need to make.
Won’t let them drive me crazy;
A smile on my lips is all I need, ever need…

When I sleep, I sleep like a log;
Four to five hours is all I’ve got.
There’s so much to do,
So much life to live,
And so much to give!

Monday, April 30, 2007

I Feel Bangalore! My Bangalore!

Here's something I wrote on 30 sep 2006, when I was waiting for a friend to join me for a game of chess...

It's Bangalore for sure! The smell of food, cigarettes, coffee!! Constant chatter - one voice accented, one speaking the queen's English, some speaking in Kannada, some whispering, some loud! The laughter - quite sniggers, loud boisterous laughter! Conversations about life, about trivial things, about big issues, about self, about friends, about random people!

Alone at the table and nothing to read while I wait for my friend to get her butt here, my mind wanders and rests on a conversation - a couple at a table right next to mine. The conversation entertains for a bit and then, I get lost once again in the hum, the buzz, the life that is Bangalore... a lazy Saturday afternoon, waiting for company, to sit around with a cup of tea over a game of scrabble or chess and just enjoy the Bangalore that doesn't change, not here at least! This is the character of my city...

Koshy's!! Thank you for being here long before I was born and I'll do everything I can to make sure it lasts long after I'm gone!

Multiple Emotions, One Song

New heights to scale;
Don’t look back, don’t stray.
Even for a moment, don’t pause;
Now is the time, go on, lead the way!

Expect nothing, my mind.
Be as you are.
If you want to be kind,
Don’t ask yourself:
Will he care?

Bring out the chalk,
Draw those boundaries,
And roads to walk!
Close your eyes,
Create the shell!
Hold those keys;
Hold them well!

You’ve done this before,
Don’t do it again.
Don’t let the world,
Control your emotions and more.
Your energy is strong,
So full of life.
Bring it out!
There’s nothing wrong,
In living again!

No Games

Don’t say I’ve been na├»ve;
I might just smile and say,
Well yet again!
Yes, yet again…

Sometimes I wonder;
All the time I ponder…
Should I just change?
Become totally cold;
Get totally aloof?

Emotions paint my face;
Excitement shows in my words…
Should I just hold back?
Oh! But that won’t be me,
That won’t be me!

I’ve been told, time and again,
By friends and the world too:
You shouldn’t dream;
And if you do,
Don’t share it with others too.
Would I be me then?
Would I be me?

Oh! I know it’s, a game
People like to play;
Keep them guessing all the way.
I can’t do the same,
Just can’t do the same!

Now, that I’ve been me
With you again;
I just wish and hope,
That you’ll help me,
Help me discover myself.
I want to be strong too.
Baby, make me strong too;
Just like you, just like you!

Tell me it’s Been a Dream

I know and I understand;
The hope continues,
Can’t ignore this feeling,
That we were meant to be.

You are, today, at a different place.
You should know, I will give you all my strength.
I’ve seen it in your eyes…

The way you talk, the way you smile.
Tell me what I’ve seen is just lies;
And I’ll take back, every single
Thing I’ve said, every single
Thing I’ve felt, every single
Word I write.

I know I’ve been a dreamer.
(Oh! Yes, that again)
Tell me that you haven’t
Dreamt… of what can be;
The possibility of something,
That would change every single thing.

Your world and mine,
Will never be the same again.
Tremors will show, on a Richter scale.
The possibilities are endless,
Our world limitless!

Tell me what I feel is fake,
And I promise you I’ll forsake,
Every little dream, every little
Thing I’ve seen, every little
Sign and, every little
Thought of mine!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Go on… Learn

When you think life is boring,
Things pop-up, that
Leave you wondering…

The decisions you make,
The path you take,
Wake you up again.

Excite you, scare you,
Seduce you, mislead you.
Only to bring you back…

Back to your original journey.
Only… you are now,
Stronger, different, pepped up.

New areas about you,
Appear to you, explain to you,
That you are truly, who
You believe you are.

Stronger again;
Fresh winds,
Strong gales,
Even cyclones!

Am I welcoming them?
Tempting them?
Hoping for more,
Thirsting to learn,
Even more from pain?

This I wrote on 23rd Sep ‘06

When the world sleeps

We wander away…
Whiling our time every day.

When you are with me,
You don’t say a word.
So close, yet so far from you I feel.
Looks like the world,
Will beat us to it.
They are bound to win;
Tie us down, in the name of society.

Show me a sign,
Even a little one,
I won’t mind.
Show me a sign,
That you want to
Follow your heart;
Today and right through…

I’ll kick up a storm.
Get everyone to see,
That we were meant to be.
I’ll cajole them,
If that’s what it takes.

Trust me, I’m game,
To cross a million lakes
Of fire and, even dare
To climb, a few snow-capped peaks;
If that’s what it takes.

Let’s not wander away…
Doesn’t matter what the world will say.
Let the world sleep,
While we get back;
Get back to reality;
Surreal and so rare!

Never Alone for Long

The journey has brought
Me so far; the road winds,
The sunlight I caught,
Refreshes and even blinds.

So many people on the way.
Some shake my world,
And move away;
Some are here to stay,
Just a while longer,
Striking one more chord…

I turn to smile,
Say my goodbyes.
They say they’ll stay a while,
And see me through a few more miles…

I welcome this feeling;
Walking – never tiring.
Sometimes I feel lonely,
Look around and find company
Again; Every time I feel lonely.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Suddenly, something!

She has hurt you so much.
You are taking a different path.
She must have left you in a lurch;
Wish I could take you away from this wrath!
Show you that life is still beautiful,
Once again on your trodden path.
I will be so grateful;
Let me take you from your past…
Can’t say where we’ll go from here
But, baby I’ll make it last.
Atleast for this lifetime, here
On earth; we’ll be the perfect cast
I won’t let you get lost…

Open sea beckons

My mind is blank today.
I have no words to give you;
Have nothing to say;
Have told you everything that’s true;
Laid my heart open and bare.

I know it’s tough to love me;
I keep nothing hidden.
(but) there are secrets even I can’t see.
You can help me find them;
Together we’ll explore the sea!

Come back baby, explore the sea!
Morning, noon and even over tea…

I’ll let you find my spirit;
Show you that I can care;
There shall be no limit,
We’ll find each other everyday…
Good, bad and ugly – we’ll live with it!

I hardly know you,
And you me – I know.
Then why do I feel the way I do?
Even your thought brings a glow.
What I wouldn’t give… to hear you say this too!

Come back baby – with you…
I’ll explore this sea, so blue!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Take your chance with me

Sleep escapes me these days;
I lay awake, thinking
Of all those words unsaid.

I have nothing to promise you,
But this much I’ll confess –
This feeling of something special is true.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Others search a thousand times,
Looking for that spark,
Those wind chimes;
Groping in the dark.

We’ve been lucky,
Pushed together by chance.
Don’t tell me you can’t see,
An opportunity to do a magical dance!

Maybe I should let you be;
Gather your baggage,
And then come back to me;
Undo all the damage

Maybe I should just let you be!
Maybe I should just lay awake every night.
Maybe, just maybe… you’ll see my point.

Not Your World

Silent, strange night.
Loneliness creeps into my head.
Nothing seems right;
Nothing seems to last.

Senses heighten! Something,
Somewhere, a flicker of hope
Flows; fills my being,
Pushes me to grope.
In the dark night,
A strange, calm light.

No! Don’t!
Not that flicker of hope
Again; My heart beats faster.
I’m a sucker for this dope;
Still thirsty for this water!

Make me stop!
Look away from his charm,
What could be;
No matter what the harm.

Make me stop!
Wishing it was me
Filling his very senses;
Giving him company;
Heightening his every reflex!

Make me stop!
Dreaming and weaving,
A world that no one knows...
He says he’s surely leaving,
To make and keep his vows…

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Make a Change with Passion

Strong thoughts run havoc
In my head…
What’s more important?
Just matters of the heart?
Matters beyond you and me?

I look around and see
Complacency in every face.
Passion is dead;
The day gets hotter,
Nobody cares.
I’ll still want a shower;
So what if I use more water?
Passion is dead!

Shake it off!
If your heart’s not right,
Your thoughts won’t be so bright!
Make a change…
First, to things close to you;
To things that can be!
The world will then
Spin a different spin…

My country is run
In a certain way…
“What have you done?”
People will say.
Nothing! Truly nothing!
I always keep problems at bay.
I tried to make my country sing…
Got stuck in bureaucracy
“It’s a cause” I said
“Oh! You should just use it,
Only for your individual benefit.”
Passion is dead!

Now, I’m back doing my thing;
Talk passionately of things I believe in.
Someone, somewhere will take note
“Ah! I remember this piece she wrote!”
Change of heart around me first!
Action and words to quench the thirst…

Soon, very soon… my heart will be stronger
I’ll take on the world much longer
A significant change I’ll make!
People like you, helping me keep awake!
(Passion is here to stay! Passion is here to stay!)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Give Me Strength

I tremble, I shake;
Break into a cold sweat.
Take him to a remote lake;
He deserves every piece of lead!

CSA, oh God! Make it stop!
Take it out of my very head…
These thoughts that hop
Every night I lay awake in my bed.

No, my baby it’s not you,
He’s the one who is bad.
He’s the one making you blue;
Hush, my baby, don’t be sad.

I look into her dark, big eyes…
Hoping I’ll ne’er have to tell her.
I feel her gentle sighs,
And realize she’s a dreamer…
(Just like me, just like me)

Oh mama! Why didn’t you hold me?
I called out for you that night!
He took me on his knee;
Said everything will be right!
Oh mama! Why did you leave me?

My baby! I know I’m paranoid…
But that’s the way it’ll stay;
Till I can take you out of this void,
Even if it turns me gray.

(Oh mama! Why didn’t you tell me?)
No, my baby it’s not you,
He’s the one who is bad.
He’s the one making you blue;
Hush, my baby, don’t be sad.

You should have hushed me;
Mama, you should have held me!
Don't tell me you weren’t there;
Don't tell me your mind was elsewhere.
I tried to tell you;
I screamed, I yelled!
I grew too soon, yes mama I grew!
I don’t know where my childhood went…

No, my baby, you be a child…
Throw a tantrum;
Run totally wild…
Don’t listen to this humdrum.
I will be there to guide!
Always be there to guide!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

She’s waiting for you!

I can see you want to move on.
I can tell you she’ll be good.
Don’t stand by memories gone;
Don’t push so hard to be rude.

Before we were together,
You gave up; went with the flow.
You have it in you to take her
Now – take her every blow.

There’s no harm;
Bring all your love,
To keep her warm.

There’s relief in your eyes –
Don’t mask it with guilt!
Fly away from unspoken lies;
Again make your life fit.

Can’t make it easier or harder;
I’ve always done it for you.
I’m throwing away the anchor
To follow the sky so blue.

There’s no harm;
Bring all your love,
To keep her warm.

She’s waiting for your move;
Anticipation in her eyes.
She has a point to prove!
Once you’re out of your disguise.

Give in to her every charm.
The energy in you
Will take her by storm.
She only waits for few;
She has chosen you…

There’s no harm;
Bring all your love,
To keep her warm.

Friday, April 20, 2007

A Friend

Let go fully…
the baggage of desire.
Rekindle, nearly
every bit of friendly fire.

The desire will sway,
the fire is here to stay.

Passion ran its frenzy,
pushing me to the edge.
Now I’m dizzy,
to be back on friendship’s ledge.

I’ll keep desire at bay;
I won’t let you loose your way.

Lust, passion, love –
I don’t understand them.
Let’s jive
back to friendship’s helm.

I’ll keep the monsters away,
and forever lock them in a cave.

I’ll be your friend
see you through every bend,
and even look out for your lover.

I’ll be tall and brave,
against this tidal wave.

Let go baby…
the baggage of desire.
Rekindle, nearly
every bit of friendly fire.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Later baby

Swing by
Later baby
Now is not the time
I’ll just drive you crazy
I don’t feel so fine

I don’t want you
To see me like this
So down and blue
I think I’ll just give you a miss

Swing by
Later baby
Just not this time
I’ll just hang on to you
And make you blue

I can’t be myself
There’s way too much nonsense
Deep down in my mind
And I know I just won’t be kind

Swing by
Later baby
It’s gonna take some time
And then maybe you’ll be mine
We’ll both be heady baby without any wine!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Life anew

Humming along
Chaos around
Where is my heart pulling me?
The sounds of memory
Being created through the journey
Where is my heart pulling me?

Addicted to innocence

Waiting by
With a gentle sigh
Where is my heart pulling me?
The excitement grows
The anticipation shows
Where is my heart pulling me?

Slow down the pace a notch

Silent songs
Doing their rounds
Where is my heart pulling me?
The fascination multiplies
The familiarity increases
Where is my heart pulling me?

Hush my mind I don’t want no logic

Closing my eyes
I can feel your smiles
Why is my heart doing this?
Gently and silently I lay
By your side with my hair growing grey
Go away my heart… take me with you wherever you want.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

On the way

You know when to stop
You don’t know how

Time stretches…
Stretching you with it
You know the direction is right
You don’t know if the road is

Life stands still
Life changes rapidly
You know someone’s with you
You don’t know if they should be

Green expanses
Black patches
You know you want a colour
You don’t know which

You know you have the rhythm
You don’t know for what

You know you can be calm
You don’t know if you should

Leaving you alone
Being with you
Waiting for you
Watching you from a distance
Dreaming of you
Thinking for you

Your kindness is strange
It strangely hurts
Calming me
Helping me move on
The memory remains
That doesn’t hurt
Thank you!
Who I am, that I am sure of now
Where I am headed to, I don’t want to be sure of