Friday, April 27, 2007

When the world sleeps

We wander away…
Whiling our time every day.

When you are with me,
You don’t say a word.
So close, yet so far from you I feel.
Looks like the world,
Will beat us to it.
They are bound to win;
Tie us down, in the name of society.

Show me a sign,
Even a little one,
I won’t mind.
Show me a sign,
That you want to
Follow your heart;
Today and right through…

I’ll kick up a storm.
Get everyone to see,
That we were meant to be.
I’ll cajole them,
If that’s what it takes.

Trust me, I’m game,
To cross a million lakes
Of fire and, even dare
To climb, a few snow-capped peaks;
If that’s what it takes.

Let’s not wander away…
Doesn’t matter what the world will say.
Let the world sleep,
While we get back;
Get back to reality;
Surreal and so rare!
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