Thursday, March 22, 2007

On the way

You know when to stop
You don’t know how

Time stretches…
Stretching you with it
You know the direction is right
You don’t know if the road is

Life stands still
Life changes rapidly
You know someone’s with you
You don’t know if they should be

Green expanses
Black patches
You know you want a colour
You don’t know which

You know you have the rhythm
You don’t know for what

You know you can be calm
You don’t know if you should

Leaving you alone
Being with you
Waiting for you
Watching you from a distance
Dreaming of you
Thinking for you

Your kindness is strange
It strangely hurts
Calming me
Helping me move on
The memory remains
That doesn’t hurt
Thank you!
Who I am, that I am sure of now
Where I am headed to, I don’t want to be sure of