Friday, June 15, 2007

The Words To This Song Are Already Taken

It’s a Thursday morning,
Music blares on the telly,
As I sit on my bean bag.
It’s Bob Marley once again.
I light up my cigarette;
The words are slow today,
But I don’t care!
The colours I see,
Just don’t go with
The weather of the day.
Maybe, there’s no song.
The phone beeps,
With a message I should see.
It’s about jazz funk.
With music everywhere,
I still sit on my beanbag,
Looking for the music in me.
But the words are real slow,
Don’t match the music within.
I should just go,
With Bob Marley;
Time to get up,
Stand up; Stand up
For my rights…
“Ah yes!” I say to myself,
And the smile’s only natural.
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