Monday, June 18, 2007

She Is The Wind

Gentle winds,
Rustling the leaves;
A message in her being,
Perfume on her lips;
Someone’s tears,
Chuckles of a baby;
Laden with these,
And much more,
She travels the world.
Free, yet restrained;
Calm, yet anxious;
Fast, yet gentle;
She passes you,
She passes me.
Caressing my cheeks,
As she carries my words,
Hidden in a silent whisper,
Across the globe, to newer worlds.

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Weather Beckons

Cover those steps,
Bury those thoughts;
Look out the window,
Walk out the door.
Run into the greenery,
Run wild, like
Them plants around.
Shake off those feelings;
Make sure you know,
Your feet are firmly on the ground.

Better Life… Forever?

Mortality scares;
Immortality, even more.
All things temporary,
Here for now,
The magic of the moment.
Not power, nor forever,
It’s the moment that
Makes, life a little better.


Lose your sense of self;
Hold onto it till the last straw.
Let go off everything that’s you;
Don’t change a thing about you.
Go on, fly away;
Ah… stay grounded forever.
Resonate with practicality;
Add more things magical.
Think with pure clarity;
Oh no… thrive on confusion.

Do things fast;
Take life real slow.
Change and stay the same!

In The Shadow

“This, here, today,
Makes no sense at all”
You say.

Look around baby,
The world’s losing,
Its sense of order.
This, here, today,
Makes no sense at all.
Every shadow,
Looks different,
To you, to me.
Don’t go hiding,
Behind your favourite corner.
It still makes no sense at all,
This, here, today.
Surely, you must know,
The shadow is here today,
Gone tomorrow.
How then can you
Base every happiness,
On that one, alone,
Shadow in the dark?

“This, here, today,
Makes no sense at all”
I say.

The Words To This Song Are Already Taken

It’s a Thursday morning,
Music blares on the telly,
As I sit on my bean bag.
It’s Bob Marley once again.
I light up my cigarette;
The words are slow today,
But I don’t care!
The colours I see,
Just don’t go with
The weather of the day.
Maybe, there’s no song.
The phone beeps,
With a message I should see.
It’s about jazz funk.
With music everywhere,
I still sit on my beanbag,
Looking for the music in me.
But the words are real slow,
Don’t match the music within.
I should just go,
With Bob Marley;
Time to get up,
Stand up; Stand up
For my rights…
“Ah yes!” I say to myself,
And the smile’s only natural.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ain’t Just Words

Solace and comfort,
In my arms aplenty.
You, my friend can
Seek them from me.

My spirit, they say,
Is quite infectious.
Won’t blame you,
If you feel it too.

Your blood-stained face,
Makes no difference to me.
You just need this shoulder,
This shoulder to lie on.

All questions can wait,
Oh… the world can wait;
Weep away, sigh away,
Sob and lie awake;
I will weep, sigh, sob
And lie awake with you,
Yes, I will.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Still Generous

Battered, tortured,
Witnessed by many;
Throw away the blanket,
You’ve got nothing to hide.
No, darling, there’s nothing worthwhile.

Nervous laughter,
Fills this room;
C’mon you know it’s not true,
I don’t feel blue.
No, darling, there’s nothing worthwhile.

Feels like growing up,
All over again…
The memory of the cocoon,
Still fresh, fresh.
No, darling, there’s nothing worthwhile.

Take your time,
Really fast.
Don’t make this last,
Coz it ain’t worth it.
No, darling, there’s nothing worthwhile.

This volcano sleeps, rests…
Don’t shake it,
Don’t wake it.


Funny thing, this feeling.
Cold, cold sweat,
Morning, noon and night.
The butterflies are somewhere,
What’s the point?

Wonder why…
Feel so light,
Take me away – oh – take me…
Away tonite.

Shake them up.
Wipe every bit away,
Leave nothing to chance.
Suddenly, something,
Somewhere, don’t know what…

Wonder why…
Feel so light,
Take me away – oh – take me…
Away tonite.

Goodness, greatness – all just you.
Summer’s gone, rain clouds,
Here to stay a while.
Uncertainty, they say it is;
Who knows, who cares?

Wonder why…
Feel so light,
Take me away – oh – take me…
Away tonite.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Back In Place

The answer’s right there…
Oh, why didn’t I see it before?
All’s well and there’s,
Nothing to sulk about…

Hey girl, move over,
The smile’s back in place.

People can go about their lives,
Just the way they choose.
It’s just a big disgrace that,
I wept and wept so long.

Hey girl, move over,
The smile’s back in place!

Ah, these tear-stained cheeks,
They’ve been wiped smooth.
They blush at just the thought,
That they’ve been stained…
By simply being vain.

Hey girl, move over,
The smile’s back in place!

Stop! This has also passed;
Those moments seem,
So long ago when,
Confusion reigned supreme.

Hey girl, move over,
The smile’s back in place!

A Moment Passes By

You bring me solace,
In all this ugliness.
With the mirror in front of me,
I look you straight in the eye.

I see you, look right back at me,
The gaze still holds, the sparkle’s gone.
Tell me truly – what, oh what
Will bring that sparkle back?

The path you’re crossing,
Surely is treacherous;
I know the soles of your feet hurt,
The calves of your legs ache.

I can see the spirit,
Oh, your spirit’s unwavering!
You still look me in the eye;
Right now, I ask for nothing more.

Monday, June 11, 2007

No One To Blame

You are my reason to stray;
My reason for clandestine thoughts
And surreptitious actions.
You know I love you,
For the moment you gave me.

I saved every bit of sadness,
For a long, long time,
Only to burst into you,

Never saw this coming,
You’d leave in me,
A little more sadness

Ah, this void!
This painfully addictive void,
Is filling me again…
While you sail away darling,
Like the moment was never there!
Having me believe,
I’ve been truly promiscuous
In thought and in actions!

Friday, June 08, 2007


Theatricals, hypocrisy,
Mundane conversations;
Yet another day,
Yet another evening.
He knows what they’ll say;
They know what he’ll say.
Raise your glass,
For another toast…
One more day, staying alive!
Let’s keep living, for another day.


Sparkling in the sand,
He felt grand.
He had captured the entire sun;
He thought he had won.
Until the wave, she rose high,
Washed ashore and swallowed him,
…into the night.

The proud grain of sand,
Was gone forever.
To be found again, never.

Repetitive Stress

Gotta go, gotta go;
I’ve got to go tonite!
My life’s so full,
I’ve got no time for you.
Oh! I’ve gotta go tonite.

The streets are full,
I’m still gonna be
Alone tonite.
My life’s so full,
I’ve got no time for you.
Yeah! I’ve gotta go tonite.

Common roads,
Common goals;
They’re all just,
Words to me.
My life’s so full,
I’ve got no time for you.
Gotta go, gotta go;
I’ve got to go tonite!

Watching You

Stretch a feline stretch,
Soak up the freshness,
Pick your pick;
It’s time, time to change the beat.

The music’s in your head,
Dance baby, dance.
Move like you’ve
Never moved before.

The stage is set,
And the world awaits,
With bated breath.
To regale in your moves.
Everyone envies your shoes.

They’ll be after you,
For a whiff of,
Your heady perfume;
For that smile,
So infectious;
For a spark from,
The fire that’s you,
That’s truly you!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

In A Parallel World

He sat in a parallel world.
Everything seemed alright.
Yet, his heart fluttered,
Missed yet another beat,
The third time today.
The clock struck eleven;
The monotony continued.
Something was amiss,
He just wouldn’t recall what.

Life’s little surprises

The push from the stormy winds,
The lashing of the rains,
The dazzle of lightning…
In the darkness of the night.

Amidst it all,
A sudden calm;
A gentle memory,
A quick reminder,
Of a fire that’s still alive.

The chaos outside,
The ironical silence within;
Soak it all up!
Life’s little balance-scale,
Will surely tilt back,
Soon… very soon.

A Compromise… not!

The grandness of it all,
Struck me most.
The way he spoke,
The way she entered the room,
The way the little girl danced;
Every action, simple, yet grand!

There was something, not quite right.
The sparkle in her eyes was too bright,
The words he chose were just so,
The dance… ah the dance,
That was just right!

What a pretty picture,
They were everyone’s envy.
But I knew, all was not quite right.

Years later, I met him;
His words were different,
His mood, non descript.
But he seemed comfortable,
In his own skin.

Days later, I met her;
She entered the room,
And people noticed;
But the sparkle in her eyes,
They were more real now.
Not too bright,
Never too bright.

The little girl…
Ah! Yes the little girl;
Her dance was more a song;
Melancholic one moment, happy another.
She enjoyed both the beats.

She smiled at me,
A look of recognition;
Lifted her arms and
Hugged me so.
The world was perfect…
Once more!

Friday, June 01, 2007

The Grand Trek

A thousand seas,
A million mountains,
And a great span of land;
All lay ahead of you.
Gather every strength you can find,
Get every hand on board,
Fill your backpacks,
With just the essentials;
Leave all baggage behind,
Continue your trek… refreshed.
Your destiny beckons,
More than ever before.


The lives you’ve touched,
The smiles you’ve shared,
They are etched,
Etched for a lifetime.

Distance makes, every
Bond grow stronger.
Refrain from defining them;
Take them for what they are...

Life’s Rythm

What goes around,
Comes around… manifold.
So live each day,
Like it was your last.
See the change,
In your step, in your rhythm.
Life will take you,
Toward your destiny.
Give the moment,
Your very best.
There will be no more,
‘should haves’ and ‘could haves’.
Live each day,
Like it was your last!