Friday, October 13, 2006

Completely random thought!!!

Thinking comes so naturally, just like breathing! If you are able to better your thinking and improve on it, it's also possible to better your breathing, right?
Really random thought for today :)

I think all the running around and multi-tasking is finally getting to me!!

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Strong individuality! Is it a good thing? Especially in the Indian system? I know, I know, everyone's an individual and you mustn't compromise your individuality for short term benefits blah blah. But, seriously what does individuality mean? Does it meant that I will never feel for anyone or think about anyone other than me everytime I do anything, personally or professionally?

For a long time, for me individuality meant being truly selfish. My theory was fairly simple (to me); if I am truly selfish, I will only do things that will make me happy or bring out the best in me and this in turn will make people who choose to be around me comfortable. But, will that take away my emotional connect with people? Quite possible!

Also, I find it quite difficult to be truly selfish. Sometimes, I am bound to instinctively think for other people, empathise and measure my actions based on this. If I learn to medidate and control my mind, will I not become a rather cold and calculative person? Hmmm... that's a thought!