Monday, May 28, 2007

The end... or just a beginning?

That long night,
A night of truth,
A night of promises,
A night of dreaming…

The look in your eyes,
The words on your lips,
The warmth in your hands,
The tenderness in your actions,
A long night to remember.

A night of laughter,
A night of tears,
A night filled with possibilities,
A night I held back.

A night of passion,
A night of sadness,
A night of decision,
A night of abrasion.

A night to treasure,
A night to hate,
A night of a lifetime,
A night that hurt.

A night of our last goodbye,
A night to live our lives by.

Sure, it’s Tough!

Sometimes when you hear people say,
“It’s not your fault, you let him stay.”
You just gotta remind yourself,
It’s not the end of the world now;
It’s not the end of the world now.

Don’t tremble and shake,
Everytime you’re pushed together by chance.
Don’t try to fake it;
If it hurts, let it show.
If you can’t see through him,
Don’t walk out the door.

It’s not the end of the world now;
It’s not the end of the world now.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Bright Future

Your laughter,
So natural,
Brings to mind,
The sparkle in your eyes…

Your peppy voice,
Brings memories of,
Pristine morning sunshine…

Juggling your life,
You bring happiness,
To all, around you.

Your tiny hands,
Touching every heart;
You, my baby, are pure and true.

Having you, seeing you,
Reassures me,
There’s still hope,
For this world too.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Just A Natural Progression

Building lives,
Making things better;
You have it in you,
To dream for others.
Gather your strength,
And use it well.

On the way, surprise yourself!

Keep distractions at bay,
Your destiny beckons.
Enjoy the journey;
Every song, every thorn,
Every storm, every stone;

For these will make your stories,
Memorable forever; for you and all…

Zoned Out

He sat by the shore,
Looking into the expanse,
Of the great, big ocean.
She stood there,
Majestic and tall;
Promising him adventures,
Like he had never known before;
A chance to sail away.

He looked back,
At the land, he
Had just walked on;
A land he knew so well.
She sat there,
Waiting for him;
Promising him a life,
He had already known.

The ocean breeze,
Touched his cheeks.
Momentarily, he looked,
At her again.

He saw the fire in her eyes;
A fire that excited, a fired that scared.
The winds heightened,
His belly churned,
Tempted to take a step,
A step closer to her.
He took that step;
The fear of the unknown,
Gripped him once more.

The fire from her eyes,
Showed in his eyes too…
“There is too much
At stake darling.”
He said, with tears
Shining in eyes,
Just behind the fire.

He blew her a kiss,
Into the wind;
Turned back and
Walked away;
Back to the comfort,
Of a life he recognized so well.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Burst of Life

In a field of marigolds,
She stood alone.
Glorious though she was,
A lifetime of sniggering,
Made her turn down.

Aching to look up,
At the bright shining sun.

They laughed at her,
Every time she tried.
The burden pulling her down.

She burst one day,
First with rage;
Then just refreshed.
Looked up at the sun,
And she bloomed again.

She was once more nurtured,
By the one, especially
Taken in by her inner beauty;
For she was a great,
Beautiful sunflower,
And she brightened his every day.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Letting You Go

The storm just hit me,
And the clouds still lay low,
Bringing me down… down…
Oh yes! I hate to see you go.

Just close my eyes,
Turn to the skies.
The rain lashes out,
Masks my every tear.
Oh yes! It hurts to see you go.

Guess my strength wasn’t enough,
To push these storm clouds away.
I’m scared, I think,
You fill me even today.
Oh yes! I know you had to go.

I understand the reason,
For this sudden change in season.
Thought I’d get that last chance,
To make you see my point.
Oh yes! It aches to let go…
But, I have to… I just did…


I am the sun,
My light attracts;
Pulls you closer,
Places you in orbit.
Don’t get any closer;
I’ll burn, I’ll singe,
And there won’t be you,
No more…

Monday, May 21, 2007

My Muse

Our worlds stretch,
Into two time zones.
I’ve laid the foundation,
For a long, long bridge.
It’s upto you now,
To help me build it,
And see it through.

It’s yours for the taking;
And if you decide not to,
I’ll build a pillar instead,
That will stand tall,
In my world…
I’ll dedicate it,
To the memory of us.

When I’m ever lonely,
I’ll sit leaning on the pillar,
And write some more songs;
‘cause the words seem to flow,
When my mind’s on you.
Oh yes! When my mind’s on you…

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Here I am,
Pining for you;
Your constant chatter,
The pitter patter of your feet;
Your love in the mornings,
Your little snores at night.

I miss the free
Hugs & kisses…
Who will I share,
These new stories with?
Who will I play with,
Every evening?
Who will I do,
A family walk with,
Every night?

My baby…
You are the constant
In my life, I’ll never
Want to change.

Even when you are gone,
I just close my eyes,
And I see your loving,
Big eyes, with that
Glint of mischief. Ah!

I love you baby.
Not because you are,
My little girl, no!
I love you,
Because you are
My companion and friend,
And you let me be,
The same, for you.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Optimism – or Just Escapism?

The sun is bright today,
It’s a totally new day.
I stretch and wake up;
Wake up to music,
Wake up to silence,
Wake up to words.

Excitement and anxiety,
Tug at my heart.
I just know you are out there,
Stretching like me,
Squinting at the sun,
And making a silent wish.

I continue to wait,
For that unseen dream…
To walk into my life,
And break the monotony.
You are today,
My unrealized destiny.

The thought of waking to you,
Keeps me going.
Today, once more,
I am stepping into the world;
My journey, I know,
Leads to you and you alone.

Shake me up,
When you find me…
Maybe you’ll find me
Asleep, dreaming... of you.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Sitting on the forest floor,
The lone seed wondered,
“Am I the one,
Who’ll be the tall tree?
The pride of the forest
Will I be?”
He sat there alone,
Dreaming of things he would see,
Over the clouds and over the hill.
Lost was he, in his reverie…
When a little rodent,
Scurried toward him and,
Ground him with his front teeth!

Self Destruct

The mountain, he stood,
Tall and mighty,
Looking on, at his world,
His people and his rivers.

The rivers, they took
His soil and his rocks.
He had nurtured them long…
Now he patted them with pride,
As they flowed to their destiny.

The people, they foraged
Through his forest and his water.
Now he turned to pat them,
But they stabbed him,
Stabbed him in the back.
Stabbed him hard!
He could no longer bend,
Even to pat them.

He bled a slow death,
Eroding and withering;
Age didn’t make him stronger.
He was losing all his might,
Till one day he was no more.

And the people, they lost
Their road to their destiny.
The road was lost,
It had once passed,
Right over the mountain.
But the mountain was no more,
The mountain was no more.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Little Steps

The little girl,
She spun her dreams.
Waited for none,
Chased them alone.

Her heart knows,
What she needs;
Sure of herself,
She seems.

Her dreams are big;
Not of cars or,
Large mansions as such.
Her dreams have people,
People she can trust;

Her dreams have a world,
A world that’s happy;
A world that's sad.

A smile on her lips,
All the time,
Brought on by her dreams.

The world waits on her,
While she walks on…
Realizing her every dream,
With that smile still there.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

By the Fire

Hush! My heart,
Don’t beat so fast.
The adventure’s just begun.
There’s surely one that’ll last.
One day, one evening,
One night will be glorious.
But, that’s just a beginning.
You have peaks to scale,
Flowers to pick, on the way.
Make your songs,
Gather your stories;
Enough to sit,
Around a fire;
With a smile,
Share it with the one.
Hush! My heart,
Don’t beat so fast.
Not yet… not yet,
I’ll tell you,
When it’s time!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Starlight (3)

The moonbeam is elusive,
Another star nears me.
My hand extends;
A familiar feeling,
Close my eyes…
Once again give in.
He whispers,
Through my hand,
“I’m here to stay,
A little while.”
I smile,
My strength is back,
For another mile.
Ah… for a moonbeam next time!
I start to walk again.

Learning to Dance

Singing silent songs,
Dancing unseen dances.
Miss a beat,
Change the rhythm.

Ears perk up,
Eyes stare;
Hush your songs,
Cover your steps,
...a bit more.


She stood there,
The lone flower;
Her beauty blinding,
Everytime his rays
Touched her.

Sudden darkness,
Engulfed her.
She stretched,
Muscles strained,
Pushed through;
The darkness left behind.

Her sun was there,
Beckoning her.
She stretched some more,
And blushed again.
She looked behind,
At the darkness left.
“I’m still rooted
In you,” She said,
“This I won’t forget!”
But, to him, I’ll stretch…

Starlight (2)

The starlight singes,
Burns through my hand;
A glow, an ember fire,

My hand reaches out,
Touches her face,
Pats her to sleep.

My hand reaches out,
Picks her,
Puts her on my shoulders;
Strong enough,
To carry her,
Another mile, with a smile.

Looking for,
A moonbeam next time…

Almost There

I reach out,
Touch the sky.
The sky moves,
Teases me.
Suddenly, I find
The sky beside me;
Feel the blue,
On my cheek.
My heart flutters,
Starts to sing.
The sky moves,
Just out of reach.
I reach out…
Once again,
This time,
With a song in my heart.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Blissful Sleep

This morning,
I looked at the sky:
My rain was here!
Opened my mouth,
Closed my eyes.
The sweet taste,
From each drop,
Filling me;
I smiled… I slept.


This morning,
I caught a star.
He looked at me,
With big black eyes;
“Put me back,
My rays will burn.”

I looked at her,
Fast asleep;
A dreamy smile,
On her lips.

For you my baby,
I’ll brave,
The icy chills,
Of a moonbeam;
The scalding heat,
Of a starlight.

The star still lies,
In my hand…

Friday, May 04, 2007

The Day I Missed the Rain

So much has happened!
The thunder clouds pass by;
I look up and sigh,
“Oh! Where’s my rain today?”

The memories and a smile

You came into my life,
Years ago;
Took away the loneliness,
Made a big difference;
Shudder to think,
What I would be,
If there was no us then!

Today, as we contemplate,
Deviating our paths,
I promise you this,
Won’t trivialise things that have been,
You and me;
The meaning of the past,
Will never change!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Simple World, A Simple Rule

I live in a world my own,
With these words,
I build them alone.
The sun is bright,
When I want it to be;
It rains, it pours,
When I’m bored
Of this light!

I’ve taken this step,
To share my world;
Opening it to everyone,
Been the hardest to do.
All I can say is…
Don’t break it into two.

I close my eyes,
And read my mind.
I lay the bricks,
And pour the sand.
I wander away;
A smile, a frown…
Shake this feeling,
Don’t feel so down.

You are welcome to stay,
As long as you want;
The rule is simple;
Don’t break anything,
This world is mine.

It might just be,
An illusion to you.
Might even seem,
Very real too.
But remember this,
It’s my world, my words…
To keep as I please!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fly Away

The journey is long,
Done nothing wrong.
Wear your heart on your sleeve,
Like you always have.

Live the moment,
Give it your best!
You will be loved,
Won’t have to worry about the rest!

Stand by your friends,
Both old and new;
Lay expectations to rest,
Just be you;
This is the time, to celebrate you!

All the way

The torture in your eyes,
The last time I saw you.
Has she helped wipe it away?
If you look the same again,
It will tear me apart …

Happy with decisions you’ve made,
A fitful sleep at night if you can take,
That’s all that matters.

(Who said life was easy?)
Torn between choices I’ve made,
And decisions I need to make.
Won’t let them drive me crazy;
A smile on my lips is all I need, ever need…

When I sleep, I sleep like a log;
Four to five hours is all I’ve got.
There’s so much to do,
So much life to live,
And so much to give!