Thursday, May 17, 2007


Here I am,
Pining for you;
Your constant chatter,
The pitter patter of your feet;
Your love in the mornings,
Your little snores at night.

I miss the free
Hugs & kisses…
Who will I share,
These new stories with?
Who will I play with,
Every evening?
Who will I do,
A family walk with,
Every night?

My baby…
You are the constant
In my life, I’ll never
Want to change.

Even when you are gone,
I just close my eyes,
And I see your loving,
Big eyes, with that
Glint of mischief. Ah!

I love you baby.
Not because you are,
My little girl, no!
I love you,
Because you are
My companion and friend,
And you let me be,
The same, for you.
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