Monday, May 14, 2007

Optimism – or Just Escapism?

The sun is bright today,
It’s a totally new day.
I stretch and wake up;
Wake up to music,
Wake up to silence,
Wake up to words.

Excitement and anxiety,
Tug at my heart.
I just know you are out there,
Stretching like me,
Squinting at the sun,
And making a silent wish.

I continue to wait,
For that unseen dream…
To walk into my life,
And break the monotony.
You are today,
My unrealized destiny.

The thought of waking to you,
Keeps me going.
Today, once more,
I am stepping into the world;
My journey, I know,
Leads to you and you alone.

Shake me up,
When you find me…
Maybe you’ll find me
Asleep, dreaming... of you.
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