Friday, May 25, 2007

Zoned Out

He sat by the shore,
Looking into the expanse,
Of the great, big ocean.
She stood there,
Majestic and tall;
Promising him adventures,
Like he had never known before;
A chance to sail away.

He looked back,
At the land, he
Had just walked on;
A land he knew so well.
She sat there,
Waiting for him;
Promising him a life,
He had already known.

The ocean breeze,
Touched his cheeks.
Momentarily, he looked,
At her again.

He saw the fire in her eyes;
A fire that excited, a fired that scared.
The winds heightened,
His belly churned,
Tempted to take a step,
A step closer to her.
He took that step;
The fear of the unknown,
Gripped him once more.

The fire from her eyes,
Showed in his eyes too…
“There is too much
At stake darling.”
He said, with tears
Shining in eyes,
Just behind the fire.

He blew her a kiss,
Into the wind;
Turned back and
Walked away;
Back to the comfort,
Of a life he recognized so well.
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