Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Simple World, A Simple Rule

I live in a world my own,
With these words,
I build them alone.
The sun is bright,
When I want it to be;
It rains, it pours,
When I’m bored
Of this light!

I’ve taken this step,
To share my world;
Opening it to everyone,
Been the hardest to do.
All I can say is…
Don’t break it into two.

I close my eyes,
And read my mind.
I lay the bricks,
And pour the sand.
I wander away;
A smile, a frown…
Shake this feeling,
Don’t feel so down.

You are welcome to stay,
As long as you want;
The rule is simple;
Don’t break anything,
This world is mine.

It might just be,
An illusion to you.
Might even seem,
Very real too.
But remember this,
It’s my world, my words…
To keep as I please!
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