Thursday, May 10, 2007

Self Destruct

The mountain, he stood,
Tall and mighty,
Looking on, at his world,
His people and his rivers.

The rivers, they took
His soil and his rocks.
He had nurtured them long…
Now he patted them with pride,
As they flowed to their destiny.

The people, they foraged
Through his forest and his water.
Now he turned to pat them,
But they stabbed him,
Stabbed him in the back.
Stabbed him hard!
He could no longer bend,
Even to pat them.

He bled a slow death,
Eroding and withering;
Age didn’t make him stronger.
He was losing all his might,
Till one day he was no more.

And the people, they lost
Their road to their destiny.
The road was lost,
It had once passed,
Right over the mountain.
But the mountain was no more,
The mountain was no more.
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