Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Compromise… not!

The grandness of it all,
Struck me most.
The way he spoke,
The way she entered the room,
The way the little girl danced;
Every action, simple, yet grand!

There was something, not quite right.
The sparkle in her eyes was too bright,
The words he chose were just so,
The dance… ah the dance,
That was just right!

What a pretty picture,
They were everyone’s envy.
But I knew, all was not quite right.

Years later, I met him;
His words were different,
His mood, non descript.
But he seemed comfortable,
In his own skin.

Days later, I met her;
She entered the room,
And people noticed;
But the sparkle in her eyes,
They were more real now.
Not too bright,
Never too bright.

The little girl…
Ah! Yes the little girl;
Her dance was more a song;
Melancholic one moment, happy another.
She enjoyed both the beats.

She smiled at me,
A look of recognition;
Lifted her arms and
Hugged me so.
The world was perfect…
Once more!
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