Monday, April 30, 2007

Tell me it’s Been a Dream

I know and I understand;
The hope continues,
Can’t ignore this feeling,
That we were meant to be.

You are, today, at a different place.
You should know, I will give you all my strength.
I’ve seen it in your eyes…

The way you talk, the way you smile.
Tell me what I’ve seen is just lies;
And I’ll take back, every single
Thing I’ve said, every single
Thing I’ve felt, every single
Word I write.

I know I’ve been a dreamer.
(Oh! Yes, that again)
Tell me that you haven’t
Dreamt… of what can be;
The possibility of something,
That would change every single thing.

Your world and mine,
Will never be the same again.
Tremors will show, on a Richter scale.
The possibilities are endless,
Our world limitless!

Tell me what I feel is fake,
And I promise you I’ll forsake,
Every little dream, every little
Thing I’ve seen, every little
Sign and, every little
Thought of mine!
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