Thursday, April 26, 2007

Open sea beckons

My mind is blank today.
I have no words to give you;
Have nothing to say;
Have told you everything that’s true;
Laid my heart open and bare.

I know it’s tough to love me;
I keep nothing hidden.
(but) there are secrets even I can’t see.
You can help me find them;
Together we’ll explore the sea!

Come back baby, explore the sea!
Morning, noon and even over tea…

I’ll let you find my spirit;
Show you that I can care;
There shall be no limit,
We’ll find each other everyday…
Good, bad and ugly – we’ll live with it!

I hardly know you,
And you me – I know.
Then why do I feel the way I do?
Even your thought brings a glow.
What I wouldn’t give… to hear you say this too!

Come back baby – with you…
I’ll explore this sea, so blue!
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