Monday, April 30, 2007

No Games

Don’t say I’ve been na├»ve;
I might just smile and say,
Well yet again!
Yes, yet again…

Sometimes I wonder;
All the time I ponder…
Should I just change?
Become totally cold;
Get totally aloof?

Emotions paint my face;
Excitement shows in my words…
Should I just hold back?
Oh! But that won’t be me,
That won’t be me!

I’ve been told, time and again,
By friends and the world too:
You shouldn’t dream;
And if you do,
Don’t share it with others too.
Would I be me then?
Would I be me?

Oh! I know it’s, a game
People like to play;
Keep them guessing all the way.
I can’t do the same,
Just can’t do the same!

Now, that I’ve been me
With you again;
I just wish and hope,
That you’ll help me,
Help me discover myself.
I want to be strong too.
Baby, make me strong too;
Just like you, just like you!
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