Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Make a Change with Passion

Strong thoughts run havoc
In my head…
What’s more important?
Just matters of the heart?
Matters beyond you and me?

I look around and see
Complacency in every face.
Passion is dead;
The day gets hotter,
Nobody cares.
I’ll still want a shower;
So what if I use more water?
Passion is dead!

Shake it off!
If your heart’s not right,
Your thoughts won’t be so bright!
Make a change…
First, to things close to you;
To things that can be!
The world will then
Spin a different spin…

My country is run
In a certain way…
“What have you done?”
People will say.
Nothing! Truly nothing!
I always keep problems at bay.
I tried to make my country sing…
Got stuck in bureaucracy
“It’s a cause” I said
“Oh! You should just use it,
Only for your individual benefit.”
Passion is dead!

Now, I’m back doing my thing;
Talk passionately of things I believe in.
Someone, somewhere will take note
“Ah! I remember this piece she wrote!”
Change of heart around me first!
Action and words to quench the thirst…

Soon, very soon… my heart will be stronger
I’ll take on the world much longer
A significant change I’ll make!
People like you, helping me keep awake!
(Passion is here to stay! Passion is here to stay!)
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