Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Not Your World

Silent, strange night.
Loneliness creeps into my head.
Nothing seems right;
Nothing seems to last.

Senses heighten! Something,
Somewhere, a flicker of hope
Flows; fills my being,
Pushes me to grope.
In the dark night,
A strange, calm light.

No! Don’t!
Not that flicker of hope
Again; My heart beats faster.
I’m a sucker for this dope;
Still thirsty for this water!

Make me stop!
Look away from his charm,
What could be;
No matter what the harm.

Make me stop!
Wishing it was me
Filling his very senses;
Giving him company;
Heightening his every reflex!

Make me stop!
Dreaming and weaving,
A world that no one knows...
He says he’s surely leaving,
To make and keep his vows…
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