Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A step toward calmer waters

The same old story;
A little spice maybe,
Every now and then.
Don’t settle for those sprinklings,
They aren’t here to stay.
Your intensity will melt them anyway.

Go find your steed,
Go on a journey.
None dare question you,
Lest you burn them down,
Like good weed.

Take me baby,
Hold my hand, and
Pull me up onto the stallion,
Riding ne’er scared me;
The unknown and the hazy,
Tempt me so today.

The longing, the melancholy,
Makes my head unsteady.
Your embrace, I know,
Will renew my beliefs once more.

Until then darling,
I’ll just sit here;
Reading my book,
Drinking my beer.
I won’t sleep tonite,
Lest I dream of you…
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