Monday, April 30, 2007

I Feel Bangalore! My Bangalore!

Here's something I wrote on 30 sep 2006, when I was waiting for a friend to join me for a game of chess...

It's Bangalore for sure! The smell of food, cigarettes, coffee!! Constant chatter - one voice accented, one speaking the queen's English, some speaking in Kannada, some whispering, some loud! The laughter - quite sniggers, loud boisterous laughter! Conversations about life, about trivial things, about big issues, about self, about friends, about random people!

Alone at the table and nothing to read while I wait for my friend to get her butt here, my mind wanders and rests on a conversation - a couple at a table right next to mine. The conversation entertains for a bit and then, I get lost once again in the hum, the buzz, the life that is Bangalore... a lazy Saturday afternoon, waiting for company, to sit around with a cup of tea over a game of scrabble or chess and just enjoy the Bangalore that doesn't change, not here at least! This is the character of my city...

Koshy's!! Thank you for being here long before I was born and I'll do everything I can to make sure it lasts long after I'm gone!

Multiple Emotions, One Song

New heights to scale;
Don’t look back, don’t stray.
Even for a moment, don’t pause;
Now is the time, go on, lead the way!

Expect nothing, my mind.
Be as you are.
If you want to be kind,
Don’t ask yourself:
Will he care?

Bring out the chalk,
Draw those boundaries,
And roads to walk!
Close your eyes,
Create the shell!
Hold those keys;
Hold them well!

You’ve done this before,
Don’t do it again.
Don’t let the world,
Control your emotions and more.
Your energy is strong,
So full of life.
Bring it out!
There’s nothing wrong,
In living again!

No Games

Don’t say I’ve been na├»ve;
I might just smile and say,
Well yet again!
Yes, yet again…

Sometimes I wonder;
All the time I ponder…
Should I just change?
Become totally cold;
Get totally aloof?

Emotions paint my face;
Excitement shows in my words…
Should I just hold back?
Oh! But that won’t be me,
That won’t be me!

I’ve been told, time and again,
By friends and the world too:
You shouldn’t dream;
And if you do,
Don’t share it with others too.
Would I be me then?
Would I be me?

Oh! I know it’s, a game
People like to play;
Keep them guessing all the way.
I can’t do the same,
Just can’t do the same!

Now, that I’ve been me
With you again;
I just wish and hope,
That you’ll help me,
Help me discover myself.
I want to be strong too.
Baby, make me strong too;
Just like you, just like you!

Tell me it’s Been a Dream

I know and I understand;
The hope continues,
Can’t ignore this feeling,
That we were meant to be.

You are, today, at a different place.
You should know, I will give you all my strength.
I’ve seen it in your eyes…

The way you talk, the way you smile.
Tell me what I’ve seen is just lies;
And I’ll take back, every single
Thing I’ve said, every single
Thing I’ve felt, every single
Word I write.

I know I’ve been a dreamer.
(Oh! Yes, that again)
Tell me that you haven’t
Dreamt… of what can be;
The possibility of something,
That would change every single thing.

Your world and mine,
Will never be the same again.
Tremors will show, on a Richter scale.
The possibilities are endless,
Our world limitless!

Tell me what I feel is fake,
And I promise you I’ll forsake,
Every little dream, every little
Thing I’ve seen, every little
Sign and, every little
Thought of mine!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Go on… Learn

When you think life is boring,
Things pop-up, that
Leave you wondering…

The decisions you make,
The path you take,
Wake you up again.

Excite you, scare you,
Seduce you, mislead you.
Only to bring you back…

Back to your original journey.
Only… you are now,
Stronger, different, pepped up.

New areas about you,
Appear to you, explain to you,
That you are truly, who
You believe you are.

Stronger again;
Fresh winds,
Strong gales,
Even cyclones!

Am I welcoming them?
Tempting them?
Hoping for more,
Thirsting to learn,
Even more from pain?

This I wrote on 23rd Sep ‘06