Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Half a day off!

Today I took off for half a day from work. Actually did this for the first time in the past 4 years where I took off pretty much not because of a pressing situation but because I wanted to take off. Vedha's (my lovable bratty 4.5 year old daughter) Dussehra holidays just began this week and I left her at my brother's (Avi) place so she could spend some time with her aunt (Rincy) and cousin (9 month old Dhira) for a couple of days. I went this morning to spend time with them and it was such a relaxing time!

It's amazing to see the bond that V & D share. They were having a whale of a time since other children in the neghbourhood are also at home because of the holidays. Vedha was supposed to head back home with me when I left but she decided that she wanted to stay back because "she hasn't used up all her change of clothes". In fact she wanted me to bring change of clothes for myself and stay with her.

The ride to Avi's place was fun for me, since I haven't been riding much these days. I put on my earphones and listened to a new radio channel on my phone all the way (Koramangala to Kasturi Nagar) so didn't realise the stress of the traffic around me and the distance.

Got to work after lunch and I actually don't really feel tired from the ride. It's a combination of the time I spent there as well as the music. Technology rocks mostly ;)
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