Friday, September 29, 2006

Thoughts in black & white

Something I read today has inspired me to write this...

Quite a few people in this age (and in ages before this) are constantly trying to understand and explore the reason for our existence. Debates run on religion, beliefs, rebirth, heaven, earth, life outside this planet and so on. Why do we do this? Is it that we are never satisfied with what we have or is it just a sense of adventure to explore?

I recently started this excercise of self-discovery where I told myself that whatever opinions I have formed about myself need to be left behind. Nothing philosophical about it, just a new feeling to explore the unknown. It was scary, exciting and lonely all at the same time. I started to write down random thoughts that went through my mind. Some warped theories, some just passing statements.

I realised that it was difficult to put these thoughts down because I was worried about what I'd find within my mind. But now, a couple of months down the line, it's not worrying anymore because as I started writing things down, I found that reading these thoughts at a later date was pretty interesting. Helped me figure out why I thought the way I did when I was in a particular frame of mind.

Why am I doing this? Honestly, it started as an idea due to situations and circumstances around me and it was more of a reaction. I might tire of it some day but now is not the time. It's still new and I am enjoying the moment...
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