Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Re-living a Moment

Surrounded by distractions,
Awaiting a sign,
I stand alone in the crowd,
To catch your eyes.

The sign evades,
Distractions keep me at bay.
How will I know?
Oh, how will I know?
When you’ll start looking,
For me, once again…

Everytime I gave away,
Little pieces of my heart,
In exchange for a glance,
A glance into a soul;
I missed an opportunity,
Once again, to meet your eyes.

When you look for me again,
Will you know it’s me?
Will you recognize my soul?
Will you feel my heart’s call?
How can I keep these,
Remaining pieces of my heart;
Nurture it back again,
For you and you alone?

Fight Them

When dragons dare
To breathe in your face,
Don’t just look away.
Stare them back in the eyes,
Give them a cold, hard stare!

Freeze their hearts,
Numb their senses;
And only then, talk to them;
To their face, don’t look away.

Fight your dragons girl.
No, not with swords,
Nor with guns.
Fight them once with
Your simple, honest words.
No games, no games…

A step toward calmer waters

The same old story;
A little spice maybe,
Every now and then.
Don’t settle for those sprinklings,
They aren’t here to stay.
Your intensity will melt them anyway.

Go find your steed,
Go on a journey.
None dare question you,
Lest you burn them down,
Like good weed.

Take me baby,
Hold my hand, and
Pull me up onto the stallion,
Riding ne’er scared me;
The unknown and the hazy,
Tempt me so today.

The longing, the melancholy,
Makes my head unsteady.
Your embrace, I know,
Will renew my beliefs once more.

Until then darling,
I’ll just sit here;
Reading my book,
Drinking my beer.
I won’t sleep tonite,
Lest I dream of you…


Beneath the calm,
Behind the smile,
Burns desire,
So intense;
Fuelling rage within.

Keep me away,
Away from you.
I might just hurt,
Yeah… this time I might be the one.
Return every lie,
With a truth so bitter,
Till you break down.

I know you are just weak,
Using another’s pain,
To hide behind.

Go away; So far away,
That my thoughts can’t
Touch you either.
Coz baby,
I ain’t going nowhere.

Run, like you’ve never
Run before.
You’re so good
At running anyway!


The wind was strong;
Looked up into the dark sky,
The North Star, shining so bright,
Leaves swayed,
Covering her a moment.
At that moment,
I know you looked at her too.
I sensed your eyes in the sky.
When the leaves uncovered
her once more,
she shone brighter,
with the brightness
of your eyes and mine.
One day, we’ll see the brightness
In each others’ eyes,
Without the messenger.
I wait for that day,
I wait for that night.