Friday, May 04, 2007

The Day I Missed the Rain

So much has happened!
The thunder clouds pass by;
I look up and sigh,
“Oh! Where’s my rain today?”

The memories and a smile

You came into my life,
Years ago;
Took away the loneliness,
Made a big difference;
Shudder to think,
What I would be,
If there was no us then!

Today, as we contemplate,
Deviating our paths,
I promise you this,
Won’t trivialise things that have been,
You and me;
The meaning of the past,
Will never change!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Simple World, A Simple Rule

I live in a world my own,
With these words,
I build them alone.
The sun is bright,
When I want it to be;
It rains, it pours,
When I’m bored
Of this light!

I’ve taken this step,
To share my world;
Opening it to everyone,
Been the hardest to do.
All I can say is…
Don’t break it into two.

I close my eyes,
And read my mind.
I lay the bricks,
And pour the sand.
I wander away;
A smile, a frown…
Shake this feeling,
Don’t feel so down.

You are welcome to stay,
As long as you want;
The rule is simple;
Don’t break anything,
This world is mine.

It might just be,
An illusion to you.
Might even seem,
Very real too.
But remember this,
It’s my world, my words…
To keep as I please!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fly Away

The journey is long,
Done nothing wrong.
Wear your heart on your sleeve,
Like you always have.

Live the moment,
Give it your best!
You will be loved,
Won’t have to worry about the rest!

Stand by your friends,
Both old and new;
Lay expectations to rest,
Just be you;
This is the time, to celebrate you!

All the way

The torture in your eyes,
The last time I saw you.
Has she helped wipe it away?
If you look the same again,
It will tear me apart …

Happy with decisions you’ve made,
A fitful sleep at night if you can take,
That’s all that matters.

(Who said life was easy?)
Torn between choices I’ve made,
And decisions I need to make.
Won’t let them drive me crazy;
A smile on my lips is all I need, ever need…

When I sleep, I sleep like a log;
Four to five hours is all I’ve got.
There’s so much to do,
So much life to live,
And so much to give!