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Monday, June 17, 2013

Romancing the Rain

Down the pavement, she skipped along
With a song in her head, a smile on her lips.
As large drops of heaven came slowly down,
She couldn’t help but gently sway her hips.

Barefoot and wild, she swayed away.
Heels in one hand, an ice-cream in the other;
Innocent as a child, lest your mind goes astray.
Never once did she look for cover.

A lick of the ice, an upward glance at the skies;
Memories of yesteryears - Her eyes brightly shone.
A flash of pain but love quickly rescues...
And keeps her no longer alone!

The ringing of a bell, the heaving of clouds above.
He opens the door, lets her in...
Towel in hand, eyes filled with love.
"I knew you'd need this" he said, with a grin;
And just a hint of envy 
At the heavens, that had caressed her hair
And driven her, Oh! so crazy.
But he knew this was just a short-lived love affair.

Inspired by and written for the "Romance In The Rains" contest conducted at Atta Galatta for the book launch of Nandita Bose's The Perfume of Promise.