Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Treat at Jungle Retreat!

On Monday, 27 May 2013, I was to write about colours as part of a Marathon Blogging group that I am part of. I couldn't write this on Monday because I was bitten by the flu bug. However, here I am writing about what colours meant to me on this particular Monday.

My morning began with a plethora of dark coloured-clouds looming heavily above my head. My mind was filled with dark clouds after a night of fevered and delirious sleep. As I awoke, in a resort next to my daughter, my first thought was of breakfast. Through the haze of the dark clouds, I thought of a sumptuous breakfast and some quick-working pills to clear my head so my daughter's vacation weekend doesn't turn out to be dark and grey!

Come breakfast and a paracetamol, I was ready to push myself just that little bit more so I could add more colour in to my daughter's expectant eyes. We were off for a 45 minute walk around the property and the colours we managed to add to our day were many...

Different shades of green foliage, cactus fruit oozing bright red/pink juice that stained fingers, tongue and teeth, wild mushrooms with orange netted webs on the stalk, a black handsome Ram, a bright green Malabar Pit Viper, a bright green Malabar Tree Frog, Brown, Black and White Giant Malabar Squirrels, Bright Pink Lotuses and a whole lot more!

As we left Masinagudi that afternoon, the colours in my head were bright and happy colours and  I thought to myself, if I could stay on here, I would stay on forever!