Sunday, October 14, 2012

No such thing as too much appreciation. It’s never enough really!

Last Sunday, I was being pampered by Tanishq, what with a foot massage, a make-up artist on board, lovely designer jewellery to try, live music, scrumptious food and my very own photo shoot on board Mia On Wheels! With about 16 other fun women bloggers including Priyanka Blah and Alicia Souza (both fun and gorgeous girls who just made the whole day more fun for me!) keeping me company, I felt like a complete celebrity (the photos speak for themselves). Their campaign revolves around how work would be more fun if we were to travel to work like this every single day. I couldn’t agree more.
On board Mia on Wheels

And so the pampering begins...

and continues...

Foot massage and time to pick the jewellery!

Jewellery picked... make up done... foot massage in progress!

That's it for now... no more jewels please. 


Blah picks out the  jewels. Oh yeah!

Alicia and Blah are all set now... jewellery and make-up all taken care of.

The pampering continues...

Music, food, jewels, happy feet and happy faces!

Mia on Wheels!

Happy Faces! 


This got me thinking on the concept of appreciation. Man or woman who doesn’t like to be appreciated every now and then?

I would love to get a note or a little something from my daughter, my family, a friend, a colleague, my boss et al every now and then that says I am appreciated. Thanks to the pampering last week, I have decided that I will make that effort every now and then to show people in my life that they are important and well appreciated. Spreading the joy is bound to create happier people around translating into lesser frowns and more smiles over all! :)

Small little things to make our lives beautiful… on that note, I am off now to make the best of this Sunday… A lovely mother-daughter Sunday it shall be!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Out of Body Experience, you say?

Light-headed and heavy-hearted I sleep
Through the afternoon sun.
Not a care in the world,
So I'd say to some.

Falling into an abyss,
A dream so deep,
I dread to remain asleep.
Wake, I must and peep
into this world and, creep
Around a jungle so deep!

Do I want to?
Do you even care?
Have I missed the light?
My last chance?

Awake at last!
Reminiscing of that chance I had
To sleep and never wake up!
Alas! You've got to live
With me now, I guess!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

My life is my inspiration !

I have been that little girl who trusted and lost, who grew up too early for her age, who always had a smile on her face while she wore borrowed & faded clothes to school. I have been that teenage girl who began working when she turned 18, curbing her dreams of going to college. I have been that working professional who did a kick-ass job every time but had to feel apologetic every time she had to take a day off for her daughter’s PTA meeting. I have been that neurotic single mom who has screamed and yelled, who has sometimes felt so exhausted at the end of a day because she just wants to put her feet up & relax. 

I have been that little girl who made friends easily, who played every sport in school, who was forever the tomboy. I have been that teenage girl who bought her first bike with her own money, who wasn’t afraid to ride home at midnight every day after work, who had her first drink when she was 18. I have been that working professional who brought in happiness and cheer to work, who was always there to help out, who made friends out of colleagues. I have been that friend who’s always there, who always called her friends to wish them happy birthday. I have been that single mom who never tires of making her daughter laugh in all the strangest ways, who cooks her heart out because she knows her daughter will wallop a dish, who never tires of telling her daughter she loves her.
I am not you & my life over 37 years has been my inspiration!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

V-Guard TVC - Inverter/UPS - Fun!

My first TVC experience! And this one's going viral too... 3L views and counting. I guess everyone likes a good laugh? :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Letter To A Daughter

You give me wings but...
I like being here on land with you.
You give me dreams but...
I am happy being your reality.

You give me light but...
I like keeping you safe when it's dark.
You give me laughter but...
I am happy when my eyes well up in pride.

Thank you my baby,
for choosing me!
Your mother I'll be,
most joyfully!