Saturday, June 28, 2008

A No Song, Song

When I sat down to write this song,
I didn’t know where to begin.
I sat for a few seconds,
Put down the date and even the day;
I continued, not knowing the words,
Only coz I knew I wanted to write this song…
And to write it today.
I guess it turned out alright,
Else you wouldn’t be hearing this note.

So here I am, come to the end of this song,
A tune in my head and a spring in my step;
I am set once more, to face this world,
On my own steam, to find my own dream.

- 29th May, 2008 (Thursday)

A New Fire

Senses become numb,
The fire has been doused.
Years of embers have been replaced,
By cold ashes, flying amass.

As I seek new pieces of coal,
Dragging my feet;
My mind cons me into believing,
The fire’s still alive.

A spark has been triggered,
Even the monsoon rains can’t stop
This fire, from spreading.

Coz I found myself some
Old forest wood, sun-dried for years.
It’s been hidden, safe and secure
For many a years.

Now’s the time to bring it out
And with all my strength,
To feed it into the fire.
You, my friend, are my inner strength…
Now, I know! Now, I know!

- 30th May, 2008 (Friday)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sunny Reflection

The sun cast patterns of desire,
As I sat writing in the garden.
An inner calm spread through me,
Inching its way through every cell.
My thoughts distinct.
My writing firm.

It’s a November morning,
A chill is in the air;
But the sun is out,
Nice and bright.
I warm my feet,
And freeze my hands.

As I write these words,
The sun casts a pattern of desire,
On this hand that writes.

What’s on your mind?

Ramblings, lust, burning happiness.
Disparate, conjoined, chilling minds;
Distant, intimate, lonely sorrow;
Black holes, sand grains, testing waters.
Waves, roads, meandering thoughts;
Logic, nonsense, without a word…
Without a word!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


These calm waters,
As I stay afloat,
Gives me a sense of peace.
It’s not the calm before the storm,
It’s a calm that will stay for long.

The laughter, the joy,
The sorrows in your eyes,
They beckon me to let go.
The sparkle in my life,
Is you and you alone.

My roots are strong,
My beliefs unshakeable.
This, my dear, is a treasure,
An heirloom, I’ll gladly
Give to you.

The strength I feel,
This energy within,
It’s all, a part
Of my past and my future.
This future I give to you.
This future I give to you.