Monday, June 18, 2007

She Is The Wind

Gentle winds,
Rustling the leaves;
A message in her being,
Perfume on her lips;
Someone’s tears,
Chuckles of a baby;
Laden with these,
And much more,
She travels the world.
Free, yet restrained;
Calm, yet anxious;
Fast, yet gentle;
She passes you,
She passes me.
Caressing my cheeks,
As she carries my words,
Hidden in a silent whisper,
Across the globe, to newer worlds.

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Weather Beckons

Cover those steps,
Bury those thoughts;
Look out the window,
Walk out the door.
Run into the greenery,
Run wild, like
Them plants around.
Shake off those feelings;
Make sure you know,
Your feet are firmly on the ground.

Better Life… Forever?

Mortality scares;
Immortality, even more.
All things temporary,
Here for now,
The magic of the moment.
Not power, nor forever,
It’s the moment that
Makes, life a little better.


Lose your sense of self;
Hold onto it till the last straw.
Let go off everything that’s you;
Don’t change a thing about you.
Go on, fly away;
Ah… stay grounded forever.
Resonate with practicality;
Add more things magical.
Think with pure clarity;
Oh no… thrive on confusion.

Do things fast;
Take life real slow.
Change and stay the same!

In The Shadow

“This, here, today,
Makes no sense at all”
You say.

Look around baby,
The world’s losing,
Its sense of order.
This, here, today,
Makes no sense at all.
Every shadow,
Looks different,
To you, to me.
Don’t go hiding,
Behind your favourite corner.
It still makes no sense at all,
This, here, today.
Surely, you must know,
The shadow is here today,
Gone tomorrow.
How then can you
Base every happiness,
On that one, alone,
Shadow in the dark?

“This, here, today,
Makes no sense at all”
I say.