Friday, September 16, 2016

No More...

If you gave me something today,
I would give you something for tomorrow.
If you broke it tomorrow,
I would give you something for the next day.

If I thought you'd give me something today,
I would dream of what I'd give you tomorrow.
If I thought you'd break it tomorrow,
I would dream of something to give you the next day.

If I saw you breaking something I gave you ever,
I would stop giving you anything...
Today, tomorrow and forever.

Right here, right now, it's just a muddle of words;
Contradicting emotions and
Ramblings on a September afternoon,
Nothing more, nothing less.

Monday, June 13, 2016

A Teenage Girl's Open Note to Sunil Gavaskar:

This is something my 14 year daughter wrote as an essay for her English homework. The angst she has felt over 5 years comes out with deep clarity and she wants to do the best to make sure this reaches Sunil Gavaskar. Her hope is to ensure first that people like him are able to see and accept this as a deeply ingrained cultural problem for young girls; Second, that someone in his capacity and influence in this sport does something to ensure girls from every part of the country have access to the same facilities and training that boys do with ease today.

So without further ado here goes... 

An Open Note to Sunil Gavaskar:

Cricket. Some believe this sport to be a religion, and others believe it’s a job that pays for athletic people. I believe that cricket is a way of life for those who choose this path. However, in this essay I will not be writing about the details of how the game is played, but in fact, what women or girls face when they choose to be cricketers. I believe that the hardships that these women face are not related to sports but actually related to a cultural issue. There have been several instances in my short life of fourteen years where I have experienced such prejudice and I would like to discuss them as we proceed with this topic.
I first fell in love with cricket when I watched the ICC World Cup in 2011, and ever since, I knew that this wonderful sport would play an important role in my life. Only recently did I have an epiphany that I definitely want cricket as a life-long career. An observation I have noted of in these past few years is that only girls who have brothers are excused to play cricket in common society. If a girl actually has an interest in playing cricket and wants to pursue this sport, the next step is to enroll for a coaching camp. This process for boys is quite simple. The parents check if the camp is close by and fees is moderately cheap, and the deed is done. Whereas for a girl, the parents need to check if the camp accepts girls, if it is close by and affordable. Quite commonly, if the camp accepts girls, it is not at a convenient location or the fees are too high.

As the years go by, and the girls have completed their education, they realize that cricket does not pay the bills. Many women go through a decision-making point in their lives. Their options are to either stop the pursuit of cricket and get a full-time job or continue their cricket journey and get a part-time job; few women opt for the latter.

The strength that all sportswomen possess, both mentally and physically is much more well-balanced in comparison to men. These women go through years of bullying and teasing, but they shine over the harsh words ultimately. I would like to conclude this essay by addressing women who are breaking stereotypes all across the globe:

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

Vedha (a hopeful 14 year old)

NOTE: Here's a recent article in Deccan Herald that talks about this issue "Raising Sporty Girls"

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Journey

Austrian Landscape

Lost everyday
In the mundane,
In the living;
The soul gladdens,
Expands and accepts;
That which is lost,
Deep within us,
At the center of the cosmos.

I look into myself - 
Surprised, amused and
Nonchalant at what I see.
"This is being."
She tells me.

I close my eyes,
With my eyes
Wide open.
I see myself
As I unsee myself.

What, you may ask,
Is this contradiction?

You see, this is
No contradiction.
This, is coming undone,
When you are so together.

Looking up, I see,
Truly see, the expanse
Of the universe;
Yours and mine.

Let's put a dent
In this universe,
That's neither yours
Nor mine.

Let's be. Let's truly be;
In this, here, now,
Together and alone

Monday, August 10, 2015

Crumbling Walls

You saw me through the veil,
Through a carefully constructed
Fa├žade I had over my face,
Until you reached my core.
You became the mirror I was afraid of,
Shining a bright light in to my eyes.
Neither love nor friendship
Ever gave me this feeling
Of being bare;
Completely and utterly naked
Face to face with myself.

I wonder if you truly see me,
Or is it still just a reflection you see
That I have shown the world…
Every single day, every single night?
Memories may fade, of laughter
And tears, of happiness and sadness;
But this cloudy night will remain
Even as the universe dissipates
Into another unholy big bang.
I will stand still remembering,
Sighing and tearing up but never crying.

See me my dear, truly see me
Not today, not tomorrow,
But in the multiple nows
That make up life; both yours and mine.
As the night turns to day
I will remain standing here
Gazing in to my own eyes
Seeing you see me,
Looking deep within, with that familiar frown
Adorning your face, a faint smile
Creeping into your eyes.

Yes, you see me, you found me
And now I am lost unto myself.
I’ll stand right here, mourning
The death of a life that could have been;
Silently standing...
Gazing in to my own eyes.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


The wind howls.
The skies bellow.
Deep inside, she trembles.
Drowning in the downpour,
She is squished like a bug.

Years later she yawns
And stretches, as she wakes up.
Her soul rattles in the aftermath
Of a storm so long ago,
It seems but just a dream.

Gliding down from open skies,
She lets the wind guide her.
Gently landing on a blade of grass,
She melts into the earth;
Lying down to rest... now and forever.