Saturday, April 21, 2007

She’s waiting for you!

I can see you want to move on.
I can tell you she’ll be good.
Don’t stand by memories gone;
Don’t push so hard to be rude.

Before we were together,
You gave up; went with the flow.
You have it in you to take her
Now – take her every blow.

There’s no harm;
Bring all your love,
To keep her warm.

There’s relief in your eyes –
Don’t mask it with guilt!
Fly away from unspoken lies;
Again make your life fit.

Can’t make it easier or harder;
I’ve always done it for you.
I’m throwing away the anchor
To follow the sky so blue.

There’s no harm;
Bring all your love,
To keep her warm.

She’s waiting for your move;
Anticipation in her eyes.
She has a point to prove!
Once you’re out of your disguise.

Give in to her every charm.
The energy in you
Will take her by storm.
She only waits for few;
She has chosen you…

There’s no harm;
Bring all your love,
To keep her warm.

Friday, April 20, 2007

A Friend

Let go fully…
the baggage of desire.
Rekindle, nearly
every bit of friendly fire.

The desire will sway,
the fire is here to stay.

Passion ran its frenzy,
pushing me to the edge.
Now I’m dizzy,
to be back on friendship’s ledge.

I’ll keep desire at bay;
I won’t let you loose your way.

Lust, passion, love –
I don’t understand them.
Let’s jive
back to friendship’s helm.

I’ll keep the monsters away,
and forever lock them in a cave.

I’ll be your friend
see you through every bend,
and even look out for your lover.

I’ll be tall and brave,
against this tidal wave.

Let go baby…
the baggage of desire.
Rekindle, nearly
every bit of friendly fire.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Later baby

Swing by
Later baby
Now is not the time
I’ll just drive you crazy
I don’t feel so fine

I don’t want you
To see me like this
So down and blue
I think I’ll just give you a miss

Swing by
Later baby
Just not this time
I’ll just hang on to you
And make you blue

I can’t be myself
There’s way too much nonsense
Deep down in my mind
And I know I just won’t be kind

Swing by
Later baby
It’s gonna take some time
And then maybe you’ll be mine
We’ll both be heady baby without any wine!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Life anew

Humming along
Chaos around
Where is my heart pulling me?
The sounds of memory
Being created through the journey
Where is my heart pulling me?

Addicted to innocence

Waiting by
With a gentle sigh
Where is my heart pulling me?
The excitement grows
The anticipation shows
Where is my heart pulling me?

Slow down the pace a notch

Silent songs
Doing their rounds
Where is my heart pulling me?
The fascination multiplies
The familiarity increases
Where is my heart pulling me?

Hush my mind I don’t want no logic

Closing my eyes
I can feel your smiles
Why is my heart doing this?
Gently and silently I lay
By your side with my hair growing grey
Go away my heart… take me with you wherever you want.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

On the way

You know when to stop
You don’t know how

Time stretches…
Stretching you with it
You know the direction is right
You don’t know if the road is

Life stands still
Life changes rapidly
You know someone’s with you
You don’t know if they should be

Green expanses
Black patches
You know you want a colour
You don’t know which

You know you have the rhythm
You don’t know for what

You know you can be calm
You don’t know if you should

Leaving you alone
Being with you
Waiting for you
Watching you from a distance
Dreaming of you
Thinking for you

Your kindness is strange
It strangely hurts
Calming me
Helping me move on
The memory remains
That doesn’t hurt
Thank you!
Who I am, that I am sure of now
Where I am headed to, I don’t want to be sure of